Questions and Answers


Is the security contractor allowed to subcontract services?  No, the contractor will supply their employees to service the contract.


If allowed, is the security contractor’s subcontractor(s) required to show proof of meeting the RFP’s insurance and licensing requirements within their proposal submission? (not allowed to sub-contract)


Regarding the Grove RFP, under insurance section C, line 5 it states that Umbrella/Excess insurance liability is “$10,000,000.00” (ten million dollars). Is this correct? All other limits are set at “1,000,000.00” (one million).   Yes, this $10,000,000 amount is correct.


What equipment is required for the ATV?  Hard cover?  Fully enclosed?  Heater? Electric vs.gasoline?  The contract requires patrols to be out during hours of daylight/darkness and during inclement weather, both extreme cold and extreme heat.  How the vehicles are equipped is up to the contractor.  The Grove CID wants the officers to be comfortable and focused on their duties.  There is no preference between gas or electric.  The vehicle must be capable of completing the shift which is generally at least 4 hours in length.  


How is this being used?  Street legal?  The ATV’s are used to patrol the Grove CID boundaries.  ATV’s have been used on the Grove contract for some time now and there has not been an issue with the legality of these vehicle being used for police patrols.  It is presumed that as long as the vehicles are equipped with turn signals, break lights, mirrors and flashing emergency equipment then they can be operated on the public streets.  They must be operated in accordance with local and state traffic laws and the operators must possess a valid operator’s license.   


Who provides communication system?  Does it have GPS built into it?  Communication is the responsibility of the contractor.  St. Louis Metropolitan police officer’s currently use their department issued portable radios while working in the Grove CID.  GPS devices are a separate piece of equipment.  The cost to purchase these devices is the responsibility of the contractor.  The monthly fee for these devices is also the responsibility of the contractor.   


Do work hours change seasonally?  No.  The work hours are stated in the RFP.  Please note the Sundays hours and staffing are different thatn what is stated in the RFP.  They are as follows:

Thursday (4 officers) 2 officers 7:30p-11:30p; 2 officers 11:30p-3:30a.

Friday (4 officers) 2 officers 7:30p-11:30p; 2 officers 11:30p-3:30a.

Saturday (4 officers) 2 officers 7:30p-11:30p; 2 officers 11:30p-3:30a.

Sunday (2 officers) 2 officers 7:30p-12:30a


Can we provide an hourly rate for the labor and charge a flat biweekly rate for ATV or bicycles?  Yes, provide both rates with your submission for consideration by the Grove Board.


Our umbrella policy is $5MM.  Will that acceptable?  No, it must be $10M